Irish Motor Tax Website Redesign


Project Overview

Reevaluating the current renewal process of the irish motor tax website. In an attempt to reduce usability issues with the current website, and lead to an overall better experience for users.

1. Empathise

  • Research
  • Empathy mapping
  • Testing

2. Define

  • Problem definition
  • How Might We
  • Personas


  • Ideation
  • Prototyping


Qualitative/Quantitative Research, UX Design, UI Design, Design Thinking, Prototyping (Figma) and Testing.


The Irish Motor Tax website generates engagement from over Two million motorists in Ireland annually. The majority of users use the Irish motor Tax website in order to renew their motor tax online. The current renewal interaction has several usability issues which affect Irish motorists.

Qualitative tasks

  • Clicking through the current website with 5 users.
  • Asking users to sign into the motor tax website,locate the pay your motor tax section and talk through the steps of renewing the motor tax?

Pain points

  • Cognitive overload, E.G remebering number plate, policy number, dates and other info.
  • Usability issues, Selecting the insurer, dark pattern payment.
  • Repeating info, Too many required fields.
Current Irish Motor Tax website as of 2022.

Customer Journey Mapping

Breaking down the journey under, actions, experience, opportunities and painpoints.
More legiable/visual customer journey. 😀

Empathy Mapping

Showing the users experience addressing areas such as saying, doing, thinking and feeling.

Survey results (Quantitative validation)

Screenshot from online survey.



    Pádraig Byrne

  • Age: 26
  • Occupation: QA Tester
  • Location: Navan Town Ireland
  • Pádraig wishes to tax his new car to get it on the road and be able to travel to and from work and is looking forward to no longer relying on unreliable rural public transport.
  • Pádraig wishes to complete this task as soon as possible.
  • Pádraig is motivated by being able to travel to and from work quicker, freeing up more time for himself.
Pain Points
  • Needs to leave his desk to find the reg number of his new car
  • Checking his email for his insurance number

    Claire Doyle

  • Age: 36
  • Occupation: Florist
  • Location: Rural Slane Ireland
  • Claire wishes to tax her car as she's going away for a holiday on the weekend with her friends.
  • Claire wants to tax her car for the whole year so as to not have to recurrently do it throughout the year.
  • Claire noticed her tax has been out the past week and wishes to renew it as she needs her car for her weekend away.
Pain Points
  • Claire is a busy person and wishes to update her motor tax on her phone and the site isnt 100% mobile responsive.
  • Repeated info being entered.

    Mary Walsh

  • Age: 56
  • Occupation: Art Teacher
  • Location: Drogheda Ireland
  • Mary wishes to use the motor tax website to tax her car.
  • Mary wants to get her car taxed as soon as possible to avoid traveling to the tax office.
  • Mary wants to avoid the hassle of waiting in line at the tax office and use the motor tax website.
Pain Points
  • Mary has to aks her son to help her renew her motor tax online.
  • Frustrated entering repeated information.

The Problem

Establishing the problem, encompassed both developing an understanding of how the current system affects the organisation, and also how the current system affects end users. Turning the problem into a How Might We allows for the problem to be thought of in an analytical context.

How Might We

  1. How can we make the renewal process less cumbersome for end customers and expedite the whole flow providing a better user experience?
  2. How can we make the system smarter helping reduce the cognitive load on customers?
  3. How can we create a more default experience for end users?

Flow Chart

Flow chart of the renewal process of the Irish Motor Tax website as of 2022. 😬
Mobile flow of the renewal process.


Ideation through a number of different concepts before getting into prototyping allowed for consideration of areas such as value to end users and the organisation and overall feasibility of the solution being presented.


Brain Storming session! 😁

MVP Mobile Screens

The goal while creating these screens was to condense the process and make it into something more streamline. As opposed to 7 steps, 4 steps reduces time and clicks spent using the product.

MVP Desktop Screens

User testing

Testing was conducted with a total of three participants who were already familiar with the motor tax website. Two tests were in person (user1 & 2) while one was down virtually. I had the participants go through a number of tasks and took note of completion and encouraged them to talk through their thinking.

User Quotes

Mobile Screens

Desktop Screens


If I had more time on this project I would love to expand on accessibility from mobile to desktop design and that translation, especially when it came to areas such as breadcrumbing through each section. Also perhaps the colours and typography don't translate as well between designs when it comes to the high fidelity versions. I would have liked to look into more detail into the technologys relating to extracting and identifying text relating to image just on the feasibility side of the design as a lot of the interaction are centred around this aspect. Maybe in a future case study I would focus on either desktop or mobile to allow for more considerations when it comes to the final design. I only managed to do one round of testing which was good but there's definitely room for another test and iteration!